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A word I hear more and more as the days get shorter and the list of to do’s get longer is priorities. And while I cringe every time I hear it, I realize that the quicker I make sense of mine the better I can be at everything I do.

I’ve been gone. Unapologetically. Partly due to a creative block and partially due to major shifts in my life, style and mindset. I can’t help but wonder, how does my role as a creative stack up in the 100-page list of immediate “priorities”?

I can’t answer that question after a two month hiatus and with the tides of life, I’m certain it will be long before I can answer it in any capacity. But I will say that that determining the “musts” is much easier when you only have the “musts” left. Basic reusable pieces like these Tobi shorts, minimal gold jewelry, and a clean bare face. I’m just trying to carry myself in the most authentic and organic way because underneath it all, I am the priority.

Scarf from Vela. Gold straplet sandals from H&M (similar).

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