Becoming Woke

Becoming Woke

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In the past five years, usage of the phrase, “stay woke,” has jumped exponentially across the internet. It’s a digital trend that reflects a macro-level of polarization in the real world. But like with any trend, whether it’s fishnets and barely theres or a phrase promoting social activism, we have to take it all with a grain of salt and understand if we, as individuals, are actually cogniscant of the big picture.

I’m well-versed in what has transpired in the past years socially and politically, but I’ve always naturally assumed progress could happen without me pouring myself into it.

Even so, like many others last November, I promised myself to challenge what I know and become more vocal. Looking back I’m realizing that I’ve already regressed into the micro–my life, my style, my transition—without weaving in the greater conversation at hand.

I haven’t been able to stay woke because I never fully became woke.

With all that is to come in the next 100 days and beyond, I am marking my gradual journey into empowerment and activism. I’m not and won’t ever be the most socially active, but this weekend has shown me that when our collective freedoms are at stake, defaulting to personal inhibitions is unacceptable.

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