Everyone has purities and toxicities within them. The yin and yang—it’s what makes us and our world authentic.

As I hear more talk about resisting oppression, becoming more active and fighting hate with love, I can’t help but wonder if it’s all in an effort to cleanse  out the toxicities we blindly put into the worldMaybe everything that is happening as a result of conceit and maybe we should first look at how to practice resistance within ourselves.

It’s really easy to live without grit, become complacent and stop challenging your personal tendencies.  I’m guilty of doing this all the time; putting my all-black-everything uniform on and evading ways to resist against conformity and mediocrity.

The ongoing challenge, and one I plan to keep you updated on, is fighting these tendencies and finding what makes or breaks us.

PS. Remember this bridge? It’s always refreshing to visit old stomping grounds with a fresh perspective.

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